Breaking Away From Love by Tiffany Willis

I am determined
That I will
Not fall, again,
In this cycle
That has me- at one point
Floating on “forever”
Then falling on my face….
Never again will
I be the prey
That you find
Standing in the middle
Of “vulnerable”
Hoping you’d find and
Save me before
The big bad lonely wakes
Up hungry for my soul
I am determined
To never again fall
Thinking you’d be the one
That carries the emotional
First aide kit
Ready to patch up
Bruised spirits
And sprained emotions
I am never again
Allowing this word called
“Love” to take advantage
Of my weaknesses
Nor will I allow it
To continue to open
Wounds not yet fully
Leaving me on the floor
Naked, raw, and with a
Bleeding heart
I have heard how so many
People long for you, Love,
Well, they can have you
And the ETDs
(Emotionally Transmitted Diseases)
That comes
With you…


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