A woman on the path; chosen by God to see growth EVERYDAY!!! I am a simple person who enjoys the simple things in life. I am a home body who enjoys being around family and friends. I enjoy the challenges in life because I really believe that they come to make you strong and to prepare you to bring others out of the battles that we ourselves have won. I am happy being me, as I look back over my life it has not always been easy, yet I am still standing! Praise the Lord!!!!
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Satisfaction Guaranteed by Jeanette Jaycei Collins

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!!! You’ve probably bought items that guaranteed you’d be satisfied. If you weren’t, the manufacturer promised, you could get your money back. but how many people bought an item, weren’t satisfied, and found the company didn’t live up to that promise? Instead of money, all the customers got were irritating responses or rejection. A […]