Affirmations? Yeah, OK (Yes, I talk to myself! Part 3) by Lemons and Lavender

Affirmations? Yeah, OK

I do like the idea of affirmations and I do use them often, especially when I need to talk myself off of a ledge. In some cases, they are not enough…they are too soft and gentle. They can be too subtle and quiet. There are times I need to shout myself into submission. I need to know just how much I really mean that thang!

If you are someone who wants more in this life and you believe in yourself, you need to act like it! I see you trying to see the world, try new things, and fall in love with life…you need to move like it!

Yes, you are enough and there is nothing wrong with repeating it until the cows come home. We KNOW you are enough…and you want more! You still deserve more…even the best this life has to offer. We need to know that and hold ourselves to the facts.

Lemons and Lavender
Seeing Growth

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