A Moment of Silence *Thinking Out Loud* – Soulful Expressions by Bren


Quietness of mind and spirit

Listening to deep silence

Just breathing

Letting go of all negativity

Around me

Within me

Acceptance of divine inner-truth

Enlightenment of reflective self-knowledge

An awakening of sorts

I can hear undoubtedly during this conscious quietness


Now emanating throughout my being

Realizing and embracing my inner force

That positive energy

Until I begin to sense I am fearless

I close my eyes so I can hear

Only in stillness can the earth be heard

Spot on awakening of the soul

Those who care

Will hear my silence

Those who don’t

Will speculate

Thinking out loud in this divine silence

Things become clear

Like crystal

The deepest crevice of my core

I find solace

I cannot deny the Higher power


This moment of silence

Thinking Out Loud

Soulful Expressions by Bren

2020 All Rights Reserved

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