A Life Has Been Taken by DaKiara

A life has been taken
Nah, it wasn’t a case of identity mistaken
Another black man life was lost
Who will pay the cost
For too long we sat back and chilled
Watching as our brothers and sisters have been killed
Accused and blamed for lying, cheating, and stealing
Still no excuse for the repeated killing
When will you change
When will we stop accepting the blame
There are no winners in this game
Why do you hate our skin
Why not look within
We are humans, to be here is our right
All you want to do is fight
Blood is shed
Death we dred
Instead of fighting
Be the one someone will someday admire
To be better humans is my desire
We just want to live
How much more do we have to give

DaKiara 5/28/20
Copyright 2020

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