A Friend’s Journey by Da Accordionistical

Somewhere in the world a women or man
Reaches out for a friends hand
Tying to understand what is on their mind
Helping them leave certain things behind
I wonder is it my hand they reach for
I wonder who will help me if I fall on the floor
Would you laugh or cry while a bird goes flying by
I hand you some puffs (tissue) to dry your eyes full of tears
Whisper words of comfort in your ears it’s ok
For he is near and far so you aren’t alone
Many are on the same journey home
Some leave early some leave late
No room in your heart for hate
Even the strong fall down sometimes
It matters not we just get up and keep moving
For the burden you carry is not yours alone
Only if you chose to remain in that state of mind
Sometimes more then we care to mention we leave things behind
Bad or good we leave them for someone else
For our time has come to make a departure
So many times I left things behind
Hoping you will use them in time
Just watch out for broken branches on the rode
That’s where you should turn away for I will take that risk
And that’s my warning to you it will break you down
Strong or weak no need to speak
Certain things we do or say that ease the load for others
So I hope I’ve lessened the load you carry on this road of life
Rather it’s your wife or husband know that I will always be your friend
Wow yesterday was a struggle for me
So I had to set some things free
I look forward to the next hour
Even if it is holds nothing but a rain shower
Know that if I make it to the end of the day
I paved a path for you and I await your arrival in the shade
For the ultimate price has already been paid
No more tears no more pain ….
oooohhh yesss here comes the rain
washing away my tracks ..
don’t worry I don’t need tracks to found you
for I am already there in one form or another
what? I see you didn’t take heed to my warning now we
on this rode together hope you can handle it
not knowing what’s coming next
no looking back so know what it is you need
and lose the rest …cause here comes the real test
no time to cry wondering why
Crow Crow

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