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My Pen and I – Soulful Expressions by Bren

Flowing with Passion Verbs Adjectives Nouns Dancing to the soulful stroke of my pen My Soul Speaks Composing my life’s story Ink Spilling a creative stream Unadulterated emotions My essence Embracing the moon and the stars Boldly singing my song Sunshine Rain Pain My Soul Speaks My pen is soulful Like a Butterfly My spirit […]

Inspiration and Motivation Seeing Growth

Surround Yourself With Those On The Same Mission As You By Emmanuel Brown

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THOSE ON THE SAME MISSION AS YOU! Being surrounded by people with a different mission than your own will make your mission a mission impossible. Try to spend your time with those that have a similar agenda, are on the same page or the ones that share your mission. Emmanuel BrownFounder of […]