keep goingHappy Birthday To Me:

In less than 12 hours I will have been Emmanuel for 46 years. There were many doubters that felt like I would have been long gone at least 18 years ago. I need to thank them because they were so motivational for me to outlive their expectations and helped me become a hell of a man. I could have took the words that they said and applied them to my life, but I decided to KEEP GOING and told myself “YOU CAN DO THIS”.

I survived the bullets, the fake friends, the intoxicants, the prisons (physical and mental), the phony love, the setbacks and the rock bottoms. I'm still here!
I can do this even though I struggle. I don't hate or dislike anyone, no matter what, because I can not control the feelings of others.

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Surprise The Struggling#SurpriseTheStruggling’s mission is to provide each woman and teen girl with the bare necessities to help them feel better about themselves and to be able to cleanse properly, by providing them with the essential toiletries to help facilitate that endeavor.

Executive Director and Founder Dr. Jacquelyn Wilson, PhD

Dr. Wilson is the executive director and founder of #SurpriseTheStruggling™, the global hashtag movement with ambassadors reaching across the globe. #SupriseTheStruggling™ Inc., a 501 c 3 non-profit organization, was created to assist homeless women and teen girls with the bare necessities to properly cleanse themselves in the midst of their struggles. Gifting them with gently used purses filled with toiletries, such as pads, deodorant, wipes, sanitizer, socks, toothbrushes/toothpaste, soaps, and etcetera.

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Save Black Boys Homework CenterOur children are failing in school because they aren't completing or turning in their Homework. The Save Black Boys Foundation a 501c3 Nonprofit has come up with an ingenious plan to get our children back on track. Imagine a place that has a state of the art technology room, an IPAD library, and a Permanent Barber (self-esteem starts with the first morning look in the mirror.) We know the disparaging statistics about BLACK male death and drop-out rates, Let's DO something about it! All donations will go towards the opening and furnishing of the SBB Homework center. The problem belongs to all of us, the choice to help is yours. Thank you.

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Our People and The Remote ControlI am slowly learning that I am what you could call a method writer, since I don’t write much for others to respond to unless something inspires me. Well, I was inspired and it wasn’t because of anything positive that I did or anything positive happening at all. Part of what inspired me was a television program on BET called “Heart Of The City: Chicago’s War On Violence” and the news special that followed. Some people might ask why a program like this one would inspire me, but the city that the program was based on is where I grew up and came of age. The violence that was discussed in the program is not anything that is new to me, so it was not the only thing that inspired me, and I believe that the things that I will mention actually inspired me more than the television program itself.

What inspired me the most was the fact that “Heart Of The City: Chicago’s War On Violence” is just a television program created to inform the misinformed or uninformed, but there are people who view life like it is just a television program that can be turned on and off at random or turned away from with a click of the remote control because it doesn’t relate to – immediately concern – or doesn’t entertain them. The programs and people that “Our People” turn away from exist, will continue to exist and have the right to have the opportunity to exist just like “Our People” who are changing channels with the remote control.

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