amzedSo your amazed
At the simple ways
That I express myself
Not using my breathe
But using my paper and pen
Again and again
To release my inner flow
Can't stop, wanting to give some more
Just because I know your pleased
And your heart has been seized

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ABleedingHeartAnother day chased away by the night
Laying here holding my pillow tight
Shaking for the transformation is coming
Like a miss guided missile locked on target
Thinking to myself how did I get in this sh**
Da** pain oozing through my pores
Whites sheets turning red
Something crazy running through my head
A fallen angel with nothing left to loose
What will be my demise what weapon of poison will I choice
Twisting off the bottle cap taking a slow slip
Man I can't believe this sh## is like being on a battleship
Napalm, holes in my armour all around its time to make a stand or go down
Slapping my hand on the ground

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TheEpitomeofaBlackWomanThe Epitome of a Black Woman *QUEEN*
The sun accentuates the glowing Earth Tone of a Black Woman.
She radiates with pride and truth;
You can see it...You can feel it;
With every step of her graceful stride.

She brings hope to many; for she is the backbone.
Feeding your mind with the goodness,
Keeping your soul fed, so you are never hungry.
When you are hungry, she is there to nurture you.
Her love is not selective, for she is love.
She embraces all with the beauty of her essence.
She is a Mighty Woman holding it down in her Queendom
A Soldier,
A Black Woman!

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african1In today’s global economy and sharing of content Africans cannot allow others to Brand them nor tell their story. Africa is known as the cradle of civilization so the diversity of people of color and culture is representative of the world around us.

Africans in business, education, commerce, entrepreneurialism and The Arts are learning the value of Branding themselves. Far too long because of ignorance Africans have allowed others to create Brands that do not represent the greatness of African people, African culture, the diversity of color and the importance of history and heritage. Africa is awakening with the aid of technology to spread it’s diverse voice in a new century of technology empowerment and engagement.

Africans for centuries have a legacy of culture, creative innovation, and invention. How the world views Africa is important, Africans are learning the world needs to see African society beyond skin tones, hair styles, wildlife, safari and accept the intelligence and growth potential of Africa. This is why African Brands are growing in importance to help define outside of visual and cultural perceptions. Africa for years has been Branded and stereotyped by a mass media that only wanted to define a people that could not define themselves. To tell an incomplete and inaccurate story that only sees or tells inaccurate innuendo and false/half truths seeking to show Africans as uneducated, divided and lawless savages. The media does not show the cultural splendor, the economic growth, the investment potentials in new markets that the world is only discovering.

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Sounds of the waves surround my thought
As the algae gathers along the shore
The pelican swallows the fish he's caught
Then skims the sea for some more
I spot footprints left in the sand
From joggers running on the beach
I rejoice to see the sun rise again
Yet you're still fast asleep

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