ReflectionLove I often seek to have known

Love oh how I long to be loved by you

Looking in all the wrong places

Neither security nor satisfaction ever found

Avoid I’ve often seemed leveled to the ground

As I looked into the mirror

Began to believe in the inner woman

God destined me to become.

I see the reflection looking back at me

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Our People and The Remote ControlI am slowly learning that I am what you could call a method writer, since I don’t write much for others to respond to unless something inspires me. Well, I was inspired and it wasn’t because of anything positive that I did or anything positive happening at all. Part of what inspired me was a television program on BET called “Heart Of The City: Chicago’s War On Violence” and the news special that followed. Some people might ask why a program like this one would inspire me, but the city that the program was based on is where I grew up and came of age. The violence that was discussed in the program is not anything that is new to me, so it was not the only thing that inspired me, and I believe that the things that I will mention actually inspired me more than the television program itself.

What inspired me the most was the fact that “Heart Of The City: Chicago’s War On Violence” is just a television program created to inform the misinformed or uninformed, but there are people who view life like it is just a television program that can be turned on and off at random or turned away from with a click of the remote control because it doesn’t relate to – immediately concern – or doesn’t entertain them. The programs and people that “Our People” turn away from exist, will continue to exist and have the right to have the opportunity to exist just like “Our People” who are changing channels with the remote control.

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Gods MorningFather, thank You for a new day. Another day to celebrate the lives that You have given us. Another day to appreciate our loved ones and spread Your word. Another day to pray and bless our enemies. I pray for Your children. I ask that You teach us how to truly love You. Teach us how to share Your goodness with others. You bless us everyday. Teach us how to bless You by being obedient. Teach us how to truly worship and praise You just because You are You. I speak hearts of true praise into the lives of the readers and receivers. May we all glorify Your name today. In Jesus' name. Amen

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dreams and realityWe all want the best that life has to offer and we have the opportunity to get just that, when we give life the best that we have to offer.

We can sit around dreaming of the things that we desire, the things that we could do to obtain them, and what we would do if we obtained them. We might just be able to see some progress in the dream that we are having and live happily ever after until we wake up to the reality of the fact that we were just dreaming. We were sleep, we were immobile, we did not do anything to get closer to the things that dreams are made of, and we settled for things remaining a dream. We are too at ease when we are dreaming and our mind is so focused on what could happen that we are not taking actions to make sure that things will happen.

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