Be The Best Version Of YouGod's morning Queens, Kings, Goddesses, Chieftains, Princesses, Princes. It's 4:08am and it's a beautiful new day. I stand in gratitude of all of the things that I am surrounded by. Today is a good day to be great!

My prayer for each of you is that God surrounds you with love on every side. I pray that your joy is overflowing. I pray that all negativity is shunned from your life today and that you allow peace to fill your moment. I pray that you are healed of every hurt and pain. Let the destiny of your heart be fulfilled.

Go out and be awesome on purpose!


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Save Black Boys Homework CenterOur children are failing in school because they aren't completing or turning in their Homework. The Save Black Boys Foundation a 501c3 Nonprofit has come up with an ingenious plan to get our children back on track. Imagine a place that has a state of the art technology room, an IPAD library, and a Permanent Barber (self-esteem starts with the first morning look in the mirror.) We know the disparaging statistics about BLACK male death and drop-out rates, Let's DO something about it! All donations will go towards the opening and furnishing of the SBB Homework center. The problem belongs to all of us, the choice to help is yours. Thank you.

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I don't care for those folks who straddle the fence,
 get onboard or move along,
 don't keep me hanging on...
 I have no use for those who have limitations,
 hesitations or
 they can't decide if they're down with you and they flip flop, that's their ish,
 I'm not someone you can call or text in your down time and I feel privileged,
 I'm cool with those who make me a priority and have time to give,
 I can't stand the wishy washy,
 if I'm lying about this please stop me...
 I'm worthy,
 I'm aware of my attributes,
 settling is something I used to do,
 I was fixing broken men,
 upgrading homey, lovers and friends,
 I am all or nothing but you gotta have yo ish together first before approaching G...

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Communicating With Your Son1. Talk to your son(s) openly and honestly, develop a mutual level of trust and respect. Resist the temptation to be critical of their actions.

2. Listen to your son(s) when they talk to you. Refrain from giving advice every time, but guide the discussion so they can form decisions for themselves and problem-solve using critical thinking skills.

3. Talk to your son(s) about the importance of love, affection, devotion, trust and treating people with respect.

4. Talk to your son(s) about your values and by what foundation it is built on; church, family stability, a strong work ethic and importance of education. These are different for each of us.

5. Ask your child about what they think about community issues and watch the news together.

6. Learn your child’s language. Preteens and teens speak using various terms and abbreviations. Learn what they are so you can better communicate on their level sometimes. Don’t just talk about sex, have discussions on drugs, alcohol (alcohol contributes to sexual intercourse), smoking and peer pressure. One survey showed that almost 1 out of 4 teens that had sex say they used drugs or drank alcohol the last time they had sex.

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Although I was showing signs of Lupus my entire adult life, it wasn't until January 2008 that I was given a battery of blood tests (ordered by my PCP), to rule out potential chronic diseases causing my liver, kidney, sed rate, heart rate and various other levels to come back considerably elevated.  I suffered from the following unpredictable signs and symptoms:

- Severe bilateral shoulder pain

- Did I mention SEVERE shoulder pain that brought me to tears daily?

- Bilateral hip pain

- Chest pain - esp. when breathing deep, coughing or bending down

- Sciatic nerve pain - beyond words of description

- Carpal & cubital tunnel pain

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