Be The Best Version Of YouGod's morning Queens, Kings, Goddesses, Chieftains, Princesses, Princes. It's 4:08am and it's a beautiful new day. I stand in gratitude of all of the things that I am surrounded by. Today is a good day to be great!

My prayer for each of you is that God surrounds you with love on every side. I pray that your joy is overflowing. I pray that all negativity is shunned from your life today and that you allow peace to fill your moment. I pray that you are healed of every hurt and pain. Let the destiny of your heart be fulfilled.

Go out and be awesome on purpose!


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ReflectionLove I often seek to have known

Love oh how I long to be loved by you

Looking in all the wrong places

Neither security nor satisfaction ever found

Avoid I’ve often seemed leveled to the ground

As I looked into the mirror

Began to believe in the inner woman

God destined me to become.

I see the reflection looking back at me

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Gods MorningFather, thank You for a new day. Another day to celebrate the lives that You have given us. Another day to appreciate our loved ones and spread Your word. Another day to pray and bless our enemies. I pray for Your children. I ask that You teach us how to truly love You. Teach us how to share Your goodness with others. You bless us everyday. Teach us how to bless You by being obedient. Teach us how to truly worship and praise You just because You are You. I speak hearts of true praise into the lives of the readers and receivers. May we all glorify Your name today. In Jesus' name. Amen

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