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Feeling Some Type of Way

Jealousy is such a tiring trait to the one dealing with it. And while there is an embarrassing component to it, most will not admit it. Yet in order to be "ok" by admission, many call it "feeling some type of way".

Let's visit the new tagline "feeling some type of way" for a moment. When you are pondering on the benefits of others as a hindrance to yourself, then that's a misperception on your part. If and when I had my moments of "feeling some type of way", I became exhausted by the comparison of someone else towards myself. Although there really is not a competition to begin with. And we bring about this thinking which in turn diminishes our own self-esteem and self-worth. When you begin to understand what is meant for you, is meant for you.

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Although I was showing signs of Lupus my entire adult life, it wasn't until January 2008 that I was given a battery of blood tests (ordered by my PCP), to rule out potential chronic diseases causing my liver, kidney, sed rate, heart rate and various other levels to come back considerably elevated.  I suffered from the following unpredictable signs and symptoms:

- Severe bilateral shoulder pain

- Did I mention SEVERE shoulder pain that brought me to tears daily?

- Bilateral hip pain

- Chest pain - esp. when breathing deep, coughing or bending down

- Sciatic nerve pain - beyond words of description

- Carpal & cubital tunnel pain

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