african1In today’s global economy and sharing of content Africans cannot allow others to Brand them nor tell their story. Africa is known as the cradle of civilization so the diversity of people of color and culture is representative of the world around us.

Africans in business, education, commerce, entrepreneurialism and The Arts are learning the value of Branding themselves. Far too long because of ignorance Africans have allowed others to create Brands that do not represent the greatness of African people, African culture, the diversity of color and the importance of history and heritage. Africa is awakening with the aid of technology to spread it’s diverse voice in a new century of technology empowerment and engagement.

Africans for centuries have a legacy of culture, creative innovation, and invention. How the world views Africa is important, Africans are learning the world needs to see African society beyond skin tones, hair styles, wildlife, safari and accept the intelligence and growth potential of Africa. This is why African Brands are growing in importance to help define outside of visual and cultural perceptions. Africa for years has been Branded and stereotyped by a mass media that only wanted to define a people that could not define themselves. To tell an incomplete and inaccurate story that only sees or tells inaccurate innuendo and false/half truths seeking to show Africans as uneducated, divided and lawless savages. The media does not show the cultural splendor, the economic growth, the investment potentials in new markets that the world is only discovering.

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