keep goingHappy Birthday To Me:

In less than 12 hours I will have been Emmanuel for 46 years. There were many doubters that felt like I would have been long gone at least 18 years ago. I need to thank them because they were so motivational for me to outlive their expectations and helped me become a hell of a man. I could have took the words that they said and applied them to my life, but I decided to KEEP GOING and told myself “YOU CAN DO THIS”.

I survived the bullets, the fake friends, the intoxicants, the prisons (physical and mental), the phony love, the setbacks and the rock bottoms. I'm still here!
I can do this even though I struggle. I don't hate or dislike anyone, no matter what, because I can not control the feelings of others.

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languidYou've been ceaseless since the beginning of our time
That first glimpse of allurement you shared, seemed to be sublime
Unsurement followed, my resistance hollowed
To a shell of unprotection, my logic was soon swallowed
I couldn't restrain the anxious thoughts you embedded in my soul
In every empty fold, and unchartered parts of me, truth be told
You said "man behold", without uttering a word
My stuttering slurred, ummahhmm is what was heard
But I caught your attention, not to mention - a special part of you
But I was so blinded that I couldn't see the start of you
I didn't even know that you knew that I existed
I didn't take any shots because I was sure that they'd be misses
Boldly you blew kisses, when I began to speak in English
Then you told me that I acted really Kingish

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We are asking everyone that sees this message to pray for 2017 and give thanks for 2016. So let’s make sure that each one of us prays for everyone we know and for those that need our prayers. If you are need of prayer, please ask because someone will pray for you also. Prayers are free, prayers are from the heart and prayers matter. 

Let's pray for each other today, regardless to what our spiritual foundation is.
Let's pray for the safety of everyone reading this and the for the safety of their loved ones.
Let’s pray for those who have family problems, struggles with their health, and financial issues.
Let’s pray for those with nowhere to call home, for those without enough to eat, and for those that are facing struggles that we could only imagine trying to deal with.
Let’s pray for patience, serenity, and sanity; not only for ourselves but for others.
Let’s pray that everyone’s needs are met.
Let’s pray for those who don’t pray, for those that don’t understand prayer, and for those that don’t believe in prayer.
Let’s pray that we wake up in the morning breathing, which we should remember is our first gift of every day.

We hope to see prayers on the walls of family and friends, in groups, and hopefully see more prayers than heartbreak.

Let us close our prayers for the moment, but allow these prayers to remain in our hearts and minds.


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Happy New YearHello and Happy New Year. I truly hope that everyone reading this has received everything that they wanted for themselves during this holiday"s season. I also hope that 2016 was full of blessings for everyone and that 2017 is even greater. I will not end 2016 and start 2017 off with resolutions, by saying what it is that I won't be doing, By making a list of demands on myself, or by saying that the impossible will be done. Whatever you see me doing in 2017 will be a continuation and improvement from the things that I have been doing for many years.

2016 has a been wonderful year, a year that was full of many ups and a few downs. 2016 created a new kind of strength and a previously unheard of clarity that is beyond boundaries without measure. Even though 2016 was not full of each and everything that I wanted, 2016 did provide all the blessings that were needed to make it to 2017. I would like to thank each and every person that played a role in making this year what it was because it wouldn't have been what it was without the help of others. Each and every person knows what it is that they have done and I appreciate all the selfless acts of kindness that you have shown, so please do not be offended if I don't mention your name or if an opportunity is missed to say thank you personally and immediately. Hopefully this apology was accepted by everyone and hopefully, we can all go into 2017 together, helping one another to reach our individual goals.

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Moment of Guidance

Feeling Some Type of Way

Jealousy is such a tiring trait to the one dealing with it. And while there is an embarrassing component to it, most will not admit it. Yet in order to be "ok" by admission, many call it "feeling some type of way".

Let's visit the new tagline "feeling some type of way" for a moment. When you are pondering on the benefits of others as a hindrance to yourself, then that's a misperception on your part. If and when I had my moments of "feeling some type of way", I became exhausted by the comparison of someone else towards myself. Although there really is not a competition to begin with. And we bring about this thinking which in turn diminishes our own self-esteem and self-worth. When you begin to understand what is meant for you, is meant for you.

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