languidYou've been ceaseless since the beginning of our time
That first glimpse of allurement you shared, seemed to be sublime
Unsurement followed, my resistance hollowed
To a shell of unprotection, my logic was soon swallowed
I couldn't restrain the anxious thoughts you embedded in my soul
In every empty fold, and unchartered parts of me, truth be told
You said "man behold", without uttering a word
My stuttering slurred, ummahhmm is what was heard
But I caught your attention, not to mention - a special part of you
But I was so blinded that I couldn't see the start of you
I didn't even know that you knew that I existed
I didn't take any shots because I was sure that they'd be misses
Boldly you blew kisses, when I began to speak in English
Then you told me that I acted really Kingish

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I don't care for those folks who straddle the fence,
 get onboard or move along,
 don't keep me hanging on...
 I have no use for those who have limitations,
 hesitations or
 they can't decide if they're down with you and they flip flop, that's their ish,
 I'm not someone you can call or text in your down time and I feel privileged,
 I'm cool with those who make me a priority and have time to give,
 I can't stand the wishy washy,
 if I'm lying about this please stop me...
 I'm worthy,
 I'm aware of my attributes,
 settling is something I used to do,
 I was fixing broken men,
 upgrading homey, lovers and friends,
 I am all or nothing but you gotta have yo ish together first before approaching G...

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amzedSo your amazed
At the simple ways
That I express myself
Not using my breathe
But using my paper and pen
Again and again
To release my inner flow
Can't stop, wanting to give some more
Just because I know your pleased
And your heart has been seized

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ABleedingHeartAnother day chased away by the night
Laying here holding my pillow tight
Shaking for the transformation is coming
Like a miss guided missile locked on target
Thinking to myself how did I get in this sh**
Da** pain oozing through my pores
Whites sheets turning red
Something crazy running through my head
A fallen angel with nothing left to loose
What will be my demise what weapon of poison will I choice
Twisting off the bottle cap taking a slow slip
Man I can't believe this sh## is like being on a battleship
Napalm, holes in my armour all around its time to make a stand or go down
Slapping my hand on the ground

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