Seeing Growth serves as an umbrella for many different projects and areas of life that range from promoting literacy, through some of the most talented writers in the world, to the development of our communities through some of the most sincere community leaders of our time. Seeing Growth enlightens, entertains and educates the public, helping to inspire our communities to focus on positive and productive activities.

Seeing Growth merges the positive influences of many people into an assortment of opportunities and inspiration for everyone that wants to receive and contribute to the concept of common-unity. We continue to grow branches that produce seeds that grow and develop seeds of their own, we continue to combine the efforts of many community groups by removing the concept of the "big I" and the "little you" to pass these ideas on to our youth and prepare them for their roles of leadership. Seeing Growth continues to overshadow the negative images that we see on a daily basis.

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Are you interested in reading and browsing the random thoughts of others or sharing photos and stories that tell the world about your "Random Thoughts"? The photo or thought will be published on, on our Facebook page and possibly on another Facebook page. You will receive full credit for your submission and these can be photos, statuses, or even essays or written expressions. Your participation means a lot and it will help us in our mission of helping others while they are Seeing Growth. Click here to share your "Random Thoughts".

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Seeing Growth funds itself and does not accept donations. Please support us by purchasing our products and by wearing them to help us spread our word to others that we would not normally have contact with.

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