Our vision and one of our biggest goals is to work with our Seeing Growth Family utilizing common-unity to begin Seeing Growth in all positive aspects of life. By always practicing the concept of "Each One - Reach One", we will create places of comfort for the Seeing Growth Family through close relationships on a global level. To make this possible, we will promote collaboration to extend the reach of the Seeing Growth Family and to make it possible for everybody to "Reach Somebody", even if that somebody that is on the opposite side of the world.

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Are you interested in reading and browsing the random thoughts of others or sharing photos and stories that tell the world about your "Random Thoughts"? The photo or thought will be published on www.SeeingGrowth.net, on our Facebook page and possibly on another Facebook page. You will receive full credit for your submission and these can be photos, statuses, or even essays or written expressions. Your participation means a lot and it will help us in our mission of helping others while they are Seeing Growth. Click here to share your "Random Thoughts".

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Seeing Growth funds itself and does not accept donations. Please support us by purchasing our products and by wearing them to help us spread our word to others that we would not normally have contact with.

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