2018 was a good year and 2019 seems to be heading further in the same direction. It was a strange year, but I can’t complain about it all!

2018 was filled with things that included new beginnings, promotions, gifts that were priceless, frienemies, a 3rd childhood, people that wanted to be me, trips, shots being fired, additions to my family, wake up calls, acknowledgments, and much-needed focus.


Each and every one of these circumstances has inspired me in some kind of way that has me looking at 2019 with optimism, pessimism, love, less than love, stability, and determination.

I loved 2018, but I am glad that it is gone so that there is room for 2019.

Are you happy to see 2018 leave?

I Am A Mother

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This tee shirt is a reminder of some of the things that a mother is. When someone sees you in this tee shirt they will not have to question if you are a parent, because this shirt speaks for itself. Wear it with confidence!!!

Available in white. Additional costs for long sleeves and larger sizes.

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