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My Pen and I – Soulful Expressions by Bren

Flowing with Passion Verbs Adjectives Nouns Dancing to the soulful stroke of my pen My Soul Speaks Composing my life’s story Ink Spilling a creative stream Unadulterated emotions My essence Embracing the moon and the stars Boldly singing my song Sunshine Rain Pain My Soul Speaks My pen is soulful Like a Butterfly My spirit […]

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Dealing with the Hate *Kill it with kindness* – Soulful Expressions by Bren

In light of all the hate, violence and lack of unity across the globe; I have learned some very important lessons about life and of self. I believe that true fulfillment comes from the soul, and from embracing the soul of others. No one person is the center of the universe, however we each have […]

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Satisfaction Guaranteed by Jeanette Jaycei Collins

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!!! You’ve probably bought items that guaranteed you’d be satisfied. If you weren’t, the manufacturer promised, you could get your money back. but how many people bought an item, weren’t satisfied, and found the company didn’t live up to that promise? Instead of money, all the customers got were irritating responses or rejection. A […]